Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about SotaArms Products
Can a person shoot .223 in SOTA’s 5.56 uppers, without issues?


What is the longest-range shooting gun SOTA makes

6.5 Grendel and 6.8

What lower goes with SOTA’s 7.62x39 upper?

It uses a standard AR-15 lower.

Do any of the lowers SOTA sells have tensioning screws in them?

No.  There is a hole for the tensioning screw but the screw itself is supplied in the lower parts kit.  

Are there any issues with fitting SOTA uppers to another brand’s lower?

SOTA’s uppers are made to military spec. As long as the lower is made to mil-spec, the customer won’t have any problems matching up the set.

Is the chamfering on the barrel extension where the bolt face interfaces with the barrel extension rounds considered ambidextrous, such that it does not matter which way the bolt spins

Yes, SOTA barrels are ambidextrous and can be used for left-handed AR builds.

What are barrels made of?

SOTA barrels are made of 416R or 4150 chromoly.

What is barrel life expectancy?

MagPhos and SS = 7,000 rounds and Chrome = 10,000 + rounds.

What is the MOA (Minute of Angle) on SOTA barrels?

Expect 1.0”, which is the typical grouping at 100 yards.

What is the longest barrel SOTA makes?


Can a person customize or switch out parts on a build kit?

Unfortunately, no.  One of the reasons why SOTA is able to offer such amazing deals on their products is because of how they organize their build kits.

What are the lower and upper receivers made of?

They are both made of 7075 billet aluminum. 

Can a person put a flip-up site on a one rail gas block?


Can a person change handguards on the uppers?

Yes, but the handguard and barrel nuts both would need to be changed out.

Do magazines come with the upper unit?

No, they are sold separately.

Can a person use a .223 magazine in a .300 Blackout?

Yes, magazines are the same for a .223, .300 Blackout, and 5.56.

What size is SOTA's tensioning screw?

Tensioning screws are 6/32.

What Gen are SOTA's AR-10 DPMS, Low-profile Lowers compatible with?

SOTA's AR-10 Lowers are Gen 1 compatible.

What jigs can be used with SOTA's 80% Lowers?

SOTA's customers use 80% Arms and 5D Tactical jigs.  There may be more that work, but those are the ones we've received feedback about.

Do SOTA's 80% Lowers have "Fire" and "Safe" engraved on them.

SOTA's 80% Lowers do NOT have "Fire" and "Safe" engraved on them.

Order Processing Questions and Answers
Why didn’t a customer get e-mailed an order confirmation or a shipment confirmation?

Sometimes the confirmation is automatically filed in a person’s spam folder.  If it is not there, the customer may have forgotten to add their e-mail during the check out process.  Customers can contact SOTA arms for assistance.  

Why did a customer get a message from SOTA Arms saying their order was cancelled?

If a customer gets a message like this, the credit card company declined their credit card.  It could have resulted from a simple mis-type of a credit card number or expiration date.  The customer should try processing it again.  If it happens one more time, they may want to contact their credit card company for further information.

The customer is in a huge hurry and wants to know if there is expedited shipping?

Yes, there is expedited shipping.  The customer should indicate that on their order or give SOTA a call, and they will be happy to help get the package to the customer in the best way.

How does a customer return product for a refund?

Please see SOTA’s return policy.  A customer must obtain an RMA number before sending their product back.  A refund will be remitted to them via their credit card account or via company check for the merchandise amount minus the original shipping and handling fees.  SOTA Arms does not return shipping charges.

What does a customer do if they receive the wrong items?

SOTA is sorry for the error and would like to be called right away so that they can help get the correct item to the customer as soon as possible.

What credit cards does SOTA Arms take?

Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

What should a customer do if their payment is declining?

While debit and credit card transactions can be declined for many reasons, one of the most common reasons is a miss-match between the customer’s billing and shipping addresses.  This means that the billing/shipping address must be the same and match for the customer’s order and payment to be successful.  This new security measure will help safeguard the customer’s security and safety.

Where in the order I am placing should I put my FFL information for transfer(s)

Please type your FFL information either in the ‘Ship To’ or ‘Notes’ section of your order.  The most important information is the FFL’s name and phone number or e-mail address.  We can do the rest!  What is wonderful, however, is when you go the extra mile and e-mail a copy of your dealer’s FFL to  If you do that, please make sure the license is not beyond the expiration date.

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