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Jonathan Kilburn

November 1, 2017

Sota Arms isn’t really a household name. That may also be the reason why many who are interested in building a rifle or upgrading their upper receivers may not consider SOTA Arms for their rifle. SOTA Arms is centered in Minnesota, hence the name. In a marketing genius, it also stands for “State Of The Art”. They produce the majority of their parts in-house with their fully functioning and ‘state of the art’ metal shop.

I wanted to see their manufacturing quality for myself and reached out to them in an interest to share about their products, but also give a hands-on review. After having researched their customer reviews, we saw their customers were overwhelmed with the quality and functionality mixed with a great price point. After having spoken to SOTA Arms they sent us a 5.56/.223 receiver for review. Those who continue to read our articles will routinely see this receiver and build in our optics series.

The Complete Upper Receiver

SOTA Arms 5.56 Upper Receiver

SOTA manufactured a 5.56/.223 complete upper with an in-house machined, round, floating handguard. It features a flat top, Picatinny rain system on the receiver and gas block. The BCG comes standard with their complete upper receiver system. In addition, they go together with an m4 contour 16″ barrel in a 1/9 twist. While you won’t be winning any long-distance competitions with this system, it is a great addition to anyone’s collection.

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