• Rod Buchanan, “I've been buying SOTA parts and components for years now, either directly from SOTA or other dealers carrying their products. I've built several ARs using all SOTA and found the parts to always be as advertised - mil spec and awesome. I particular the barrels are very accurate. Prices are competitive, the customer service has always answered all my questions and shipping has always been relatively fast. I plan to continue buying SOTA products.”  08-23-17 

Scott Schaffer, “Great lower receiver. Awesome billet features for forged prices. Will order again.”  01-12-18

Kristopher Matlock, “Just scored a patriot lower today. Very impressed on how clean the finish work is on this lower I have seen lowers sell for more and look horrible. Not these guys they take pride in their product.”  02-26-2018

  • L. Gene Langely, “Many good deals here.  Tight tolerances!”  10-22-2018
  • Cole McKinney, “Excellent Dealer Service!”  8-10-2017
  • Bryan Betzinger, “I have bought from them at many of gun shows, and finally had the chance to stop into their manufacturing and sales location. Nice place, nice people. I can never complain about anything that I have purchased from them. They've always been good to me. I usually deal with the Lee Brothers.”   5-12-2018
  • Justin Williams, “Excellent product. I own 7 of their uppers, and 4 lowers. Great company to buy from. Best deal at the gun show I've seen!! Their nickel boron bcgs are an excellent upgrade to their uppers.”  10-26-2018
  • Jason Radke, “Great people and great products! I have shooting their stuff for years. Definitely 5 stars!”  10-26-2018

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