How to Return Items for Service/Repair:

When a customer has a part or full assembly that isn’t working, they SHOULD NOT send it back to Sota Arms, Inc. without calling their Service/Repair Department first. Sota Arms, Inc. will not accept return packages without an RMA number. Sota’s trained technicians will assess the issue and determine if the item(s) need(s) to come back to the factory for repair.

If a customer’s item(s) need(s) to come back to the factory, Sota Arms’ Repair Technician will issue the customer a Return Manual Authorization (RMA) number and shipping instructions. Upon return and inspection, if it is deemed the product is defective because of a manufacturing cause, Sota Arms, Inc. will repair or replace the part(s) and return it to the customer at no cost.

If it is found that the product is defective because of something else besides a manufacturing cause, such as misuse or abuse or modifications, the customer will become liable for the costs of repair and shipping. Sota Arms, Inc. reserves the right to void the warranty in these cases.

Sota Repair Technicians can be reached by calling (612) 200-0257 or the general business phone number, (612) 562-4867 or by e-mailing sales@sotaarms.com with “REPAIR” typed in the subject line.

Sota Arms, Inc. is not responsible or liable for stolen and/or lost items.